Apple's next iPhone could cost over $1,000 due to OLED screens and memory upgrades

But a top-end iPhone 7 is already $969

Apple's next iPhone could cost over $1,000 due to OLED screens and memory upgrades

Apple's next line of iPhones could cost over $1,000 due to upgrades to the screen and internal memory.

Sources speaking to Fast Company said that the next iPhones will feature an OLED screen that stretches across the entirety of the front of the device.

This is said to cost twice as much to produce as the screens currently used. A memory upgrade will also increase production costs due to the currently strong dollar.

It is unclear whether the $1,000 price tag will affect all phones in the next line of devices. A top-of-the-range iPhone 7 Plus is currently priced at $969, so a top-end device costing over $1,000 is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Not for everyone

The source did say that the OLED screen will only be used for the new line of iPhones, however. Apple is also expected to launch an iPhone 7S to directly succeed the iPhone 7, which will likely be much cheaper.

This is not the first rumour of OLED screens coming to iPhones. In November 2016, iPhone screen manufacturer Sharp said that it was increasing its OLED manufacturing capabilities to accommodate a new iPhone.

Later that same month it was reported that several more manufacturers had been asked by Apple to begin producing OLED screens. The supplies are expected to be ready by 2018.


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