Space Ape makes good on promise of "radically different" games with two new soft-launched titles

Super Karts and Fastlane: Road to Revenge are like nothing it has done before

Space Ape makes good on promise of "radically different" games with two new soft-launched titles

Space Ape Games has soft-launched two new titles as part of its ambitions to diversify its portfolio and reach bigger markets.

The first, Super Karts, was first released on Android on November 14th 2016. It is currently listed as "unreleased", and is therefore unavailable to download in any country.

The game itself is a one-thumb kart racer in which accelerating and steering are handled through holding and swiping the screen. It features both a solo campaign and online multiplayer.

Life in the Fastlane

Space Ape has also soft-launched Fastlane: Road to Revenge. It went live on February 15th 2017 and is available on Android and iOS in Australia and the Netherlands.

It plays as a fairly typical shoot-em-up with a customisable car and unlockable weapons. It will feature multiplayer leagues alongside a full single-player campaign.

In total the company currently has four games in development, two of which are unannounced.

Both of the announced games are wildly different from Space Ape's current stable of games, which includes core strategy titles Rival Kingdoms and Transformers: Earth Wars. The studio's COO Simon Hade had previously said that the next games launched would be "radically different".

While no longer build-and-battle titles, the new games will share similarities to previous titles. Hade has also stated that "there's a DNA that we have now around live ops," and that "when we come up with a title that plays to those strengths, that makes it further down the pipe".


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