Boom Beach: Frontlines hits number one on Google Play's Top-Free Games chart

The game's soft launch in Italy is an "instant hit" says Space Ape Games co-founder

 Boom Beach: Frontlines hits number one on Google Play's Top-Free Games chart

August has seen the soft launch of Supercell's Boom Beach: Frontlines hit the ground running.

Space Ape Games is the mobile gaming company driving the franchise and best known for its title Beatstar. Their co-founder Simon Hade posted on LinkedIn that the online mobile game's soft launch had proved an "instant hit" in Italy.

Boom Beach: Frontline climbed to number one on Google Play's Top Free-Overall application chart on August 8th in Italy, according to metric from SensorTower. The action shooter game did then drop and currently sits at number two on that chart.

However, Boom Beach: Frontline presently stands at number one on the Top-Free Games chart, number one on the New Free-Overall, and number 14 on the Top-Grossing Action game on Google Play.

On the Apple App Store, it sits at number 15 on the Top-Free Overall charts and second on the Top-Free games category.

The Space Ape Games co-founder wrote on Linkedin, "Grazie to all those who helped make Boom Beach: Frontlines an instant hit in Italy in our soft launch. Can't wait to share the game with more people! Ciao!"

After successful soft launches in Australia, Canada, and now Italy, Boom Beach: Frontline hit the one million players mark only two days after its commencement, on July 25th 2022.

Space Ape Games are undoubtedly having a rewarding 2022. The firm received a $37 million investment from Supercell early last month, adding to Supercell's $56.6 million investment in 2017.

What is Space Ape Games planning to do with all that money? The firm has plans to dramatically escalate its operations. This includes a shift in its exec board, several essential hires in marketing, ad monetization, and an overall headcount bump of 20 per cent.

Boom Beach: Frontlines looks to be following the footsteps of Space Ape Games' other acclaimed title, Beatstar, which has only been available since September 2021. Since then, the game has hit the number one downloads list in 24 countries, ranked the number one overall app on Google Play, and survived 24 killed prototypes in five years.

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