Futurefly doubles down on augmented reality with Miso Happy app

Released on iOS and coming later this year to Android

Futurefly doubles down on augmented reality with Miso Happy app

Helsinki-based mobile developer Futurefly has launched a new augmented reality sticker app called Miso Happy.

The app creates a three-dimensional version of your face from a selfie and puts it on animated characters that then perform actions layered onto the real world.

Scenes created through the app can be further decorated with various 2D stickers and text before being shared on messengers and social media.

Miso Happy has just been launched on iOS and is scheduled for release on Android later in 2017.

Cracking the tech

“Miso Happy has been a super fun, but very challenging project,” said Futurefly Chief Product Officer Oskari Häkkinen.

“We’ve been trying to crack the face-tech thing for a while now. With each version we thought we were there, but testers weren’t happy enough with the results. But, we did it finally, and managed to solve the challenge of your face in AR, which is essential for content to feel relevant and worth sharing.

“This is just the start, Miso Happy opens the doors to now do much more in the augmented reality and holographic content space.”

Futurefly’s portfolio of apps includes its 3D avatar chap app Rawr Messenger and EatMessage, an AR and selfie-based title which turns your face into a game controller.

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