PG Connects Advent Day Ten: All work and no play wouldn't be PGC anyway

Free drinks, dancing, and discourse for delegates at Global Connects post-conference bash

PG Connects Advent Day Ten: All work and no play wouldn't be PGC anyway

We're running a 'PGC London 2018 Advent Calendar' throughout December. Every day, an informative conference-related update full of merriment.

It's often said that the only logical explanation for the ongoing mighty success of our Pocket Gamer Connects series since its inception in 2014 must be the existence of some Faustian bargain.

Alright, fine. No-one's ever said this.

Still, our conferences are successful. A large reason for this is, of course, the delegates who come to absorb our speakers' expert insight and to connect with fellow industry professionals – it will again be so at PGC London 2018 on January 22nd to 23rd.

But another reason, we like to think, is our attitude. We’re not a soulless conference company – our events are consistently imbued with a good spirit and a general positive attitude.

And great parties.

The Global Connects Party at the end of PGC London's Day 1 (January 22nd) will be one such affair, where the drinks will flow alongside the discourse as some 2,000 industry professionals take the opportunity to continue networking within a fun, relaxed environment.

It's free to attend for all PG, XR or PC Connects delegates (if not yet registered there's just a couple more days of Mid Term ticket rates left) but you'll need to wear your conference badge to get in. (Anything else you wish to wear is optional though before donning the mankini remember this will be January in London, not Luanda.)

With three boys under the age of 12, former Edge editor Joao has given up his dream of making it to F1 and instead spends his weekends transforming his living room floor into a venue for hosting increasingly complex Scalextric tracks. When in work mode, he looks after the production (aka the behind-the-scenes magic) of Steel Media's series of conferences.