Epic crackdown on copyrighted Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace assets

Audit to take place over the next few months

Epic crackdown on copyrighted Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace assets

Epic Games is conducting an extensive audit of the Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace to rout out copyrighted and trademark-protected content.

The company offered some clarity on how it reviews content on its asset store this week. It said it has always required sellers have the full rights to the assets they distribute and manually reviews content which could be rejected for seasons such as copyright issues, poor quality or simply not working as described.

But Epic is now cracking down harder after it claims to now have “more resources for content review”.

Hammer time

The audit will take place over the next few months, with sellers contacted individually if their assets are found to be in violation of the terms.

Sellers will likely have 30 days - a period of time still being decided upon - to modify and resubmit their assets for approval. Those that fail to do so will have their Unreal Engine assets removed.

“While the Marketplace team has been heavily focusing on reducing turnaround time in the submission review process, we recognise that policy enforcement should be handled consistently,” read a post from the company on the Unreal Engine forum.

“With wait times in a better place now, we are planning to audit assets that may be in violation of copyright and trademark policy.”

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