"Lack of oversight" to blame for Overwatch art in Paladins Strike ad

Hi-Rez art director was swift to assure that the matter was being looked into

"Lack of oversight" to blame for Overwatch art in Paladins Strike ad

Art from Blizzard's team shooter Overwatch has been discovered in an advertisement for Hi-Rez Studios' new mobile game Paladins Strike.

The error was picked up by an eagle-eyed redditor called “XTeKoX” who posted the short gif to the Overwatch subreddit.

The scene in question is meant to show off a new player skin but upon closer inspection uses Overwatch’s Lijiang Tower map as a backdrop.

Soon after, a Hi-Rez art director using the pseudonym ThunderBrush responded in-kind when the gif was shared on the Paladins reddit, and blamed an outsourcing company for the error.

I need healing

"First thing, thank you for your diligence in pointing this out,” said the art director.

“This art was created by an overseas partner studio for paladins strike and had not much in the way of oversight in its content creation by anyone internally at Hi-Rez. We will be looking into this immediately."

Others in the thread have begun to report seperate instances in the game that bare resemblance to another Blizzard title called Heroes of the Storm, but they have yet to draw a response from Hi-Rez Studios.

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