More than 50% of gamers would rather play games than watch TV

Mobile is the favoured platform

More than 50% of gamers would rather play games than watch TV

More than half of gamers around the world prefer to play games over watching or streaming TV.

As found in a new Limelight report, 51 per cent of players worldwide would rather pick up a game than watch TV. Furthermore, only 33 per cent of the age group 18-to-35 would prefer to stream programmes.

People that classify themselves as "expert gamers" are overwhelmingly in favour of playing games – 85 per cent.

On average, in the US, gamers have played games for five hours and eight minutes consecutively. However, only one-fifth of the population has played games for five-to-10 hours straight.

In the age group 18-to-25, they have played games for an average of more than six and a half hours – an 11 per cent increase from 2019. A further 12 per cent of the group have binged games for 15 hours.

Mobile dominance

Globally, mobile phones are the preferred platform to play games on – on a scale from one-to-four it scored 2.27. Computers hit 1.65, and tablets got 1.08 while consoles got 1.35. With a score of 2.82, Japan was the country that favoured smartphones the most—followed by, India with 2.63 and South Korea at 2.48.

Unanimously, mobile devices are the preferred platform across all age groups.

All work and no play

The report found that 66.3 per cent of people have never played games at work. However, 11 per cent play games at work on a daily basis, 10.6 per cent play once a month and 12.1 per cent do once a week.

India had the highest rating, 57 per cent of its citizens play games at work. Italy proved to be the lowest with 21 per cent. People between the ages of 18 and 45 are most likely to have played games at work. Less 19 per cent of people of 60 have played at work.

Globally, 44 per cent of people are more interested in playing games on mobile or PC rather than console. Almost 83 per cent of players in India prefer console-less gaming. At 58.3 per cent, 26-to-35-year-olds favour different forms of gaming more than other age groups.

Limelight's report was based on the responses of 4,500 people from France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, UK and the US.

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