Nintendo indies: Among Us and Spelunky heading to Switch, Super Meat Boy Forever set to launch this month

The final sweep of indie titles heading to the Switch in Q1 2021

Nintendo indies: Among Us and Spelunky heading to Switch, Super Meat Boy Forever set to launch this month

Nintendo has unveiled the next round of indie games heading to Switch.

In today's Indie World showcase, the company announced a handful of fresh titles, as well as existing games that are set to appear on the platform.

Fresh titles are dropping on the Nintendo eStore as soon as later today, kicking off with Innersloth's Among Us. The multi-award-winning social deduction title will be available to download from today. The showcase also announced Grindstone, a puzzle game from Capybara Games that made its debut on Apple Arcade last year. 

Fellow mobile studio ustwogames gave a glimpse into its latest adventure title Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. The game is already out on other platforms, but will be available on the Switch early next year.

Other games heading to Switch include the long-awaited Super Meat Boy forever, scheduled to drop as a timed Switch exclusive on December 23rd. Spelunky 1 and 2 will also be available on the Switch sometime in 2021, though a date was not specified. 

Shovel Knight developer Yacht Club Games showcased an upcoming action side-scroller, Cyber Shadow. The game is set to drop on the Switch in early 2021. 

Check out the full list of announcements below:

  • Among Us, Innersloth - Dec 15th 2020
  • When The Past Was Around, Mojiken Studio - Dec 15th 2020
  • Grindstone, Capybara Games - Dec 15h 2020
  • Calico, Peachy Keen Games - Dec 15th 2020
  • Super Meat Boy Forever, Team Meat - Dec 23rd 2020
  • Spelunky 1 and 2, Mossmouth -  early 2021
  • Fisti-Fluffs, Playfellow Studio, Inc - early 2021
  • Very Very Valet - Toyful Games, early 2021
  • Tunch, Leap Studios - early 2021
  • Cybershadow - Yacht Club Games - early 2021
  • Gnosia, Petit Depotto - early 2021
  • Happy Game, Anamita Design - Spring 2021
  • Kosmokrats, Pixel Delusion - March 2021
  • Hazel Sky, Coffee Addict Studio - March 2021
  • Trash Sailors, fluckyMachine - March 2021 
  • Hoa, Skrollcat Studios - April 2021
  • Finding Paradise, Freebird Games - Spring 2021



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