Code Coven receives $100,000 from Unity to run limited developer courses

Four eight-week long courses to run through 2022

Code Coven receives $100,000 from Unity to run limited developer courses

Game development accelerator Code Coven has received a $100,000 grant from Unity’s charitable fund, enabling the company to offer two additional Introduction to Game Making courses.

Code Coven will now be able to offer cohorts access to additional classes on a limited edition course intended for aspiring developers.

The Introduction to Game Making is an online entry-level course run by Code Coven and is primarily aimed at adults identifying as a marginalised gender. Approximately 15 students will attend each course, and four courses in total will run through 2022 thanks to the grant from Unity.

Courses are eight weeks long and allow students to build games or other projects in Unity. There will also be guidance and coaching with industry experts.

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"Introductory classes and early career programs for marginalised developers are essential to fixing our industry's lack of representation," said Code Coven head of curriculum Francesca Carletto-Leon.

"These classes are my favourite to teach because I get to work with talented individuals who are coming to game creation from a multitude of backgrounds and skillsets."

Courses will be offered to selected students chosen through Code Coven’s scholarship application process, with applications open now.

"Code Coven’s goal of empowering underrepresented developers with knowledge, resources, and personalised support to reduce barriers to entry into the games and creative tech industries is directly in line with Unity Social Impact’s vision to provide economic opportunity to underrepresented creators," Unity Social Impact vice president Jessica Lindl commented.

"When we equip creators with learning opportunities that they may not have otherwise had, we directly impact their future earning potential, by providing them with the tools to thrive in the future economy."

Mobile games developer Plarium recently made a $100,000 donation to video game accessibility non-profit The AbleGamers Charity.

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