Former Codemasters, Jagex execs establish new studio

Soul Assembly will explore games for VR and the metaverse

Former Codemasters, Jagex execs establish new studio

Former executives from Codemasters, Jagex, and Pixel Games have unveiled their latest studio, Soul Assembly, which will create games for VR and the metaverse.

Soul Assembly will be led by David Solari, former vice president and general manager of Codemasters, former chief marketing officer of Jagex, and former vice president for operations and marketing of Pixel Games.

He is accompanied by two further games industry veterans: David Osbourn, former head of game design of Codemasters, and Tony Williams, former COO of Codemasters, on the senior management team.

The team’s portfolio of AR and VR titles on multiple platforms includes Drop Dead: Dual Strike, Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister, and Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade.

Upcoming projects

Solari has confirmed that Soul Assembly is working on two more projects: “With over 30 talented developers and two fantastic games we are thrilled to be one of the leading developers of VR and the metaverse.

“Building on that momentum we have two further ambitious and exciting projects in development which we plan to launch before the end of the year.”

With high levels of investment and potential in the games industry, many firms are looking towards establishing new studios, including manga publisher Shueisha, which unveiled its games division in April 2022.