The Charticle

The Charticle: 17 million-strong Fast & Furious 6 races away on iPhone, doubling iPad revenue

Generating over $2 million in a month in US alone

The Charticle: 17 million-strong Fast & Furious 6 races away on iPhone, doubling iPad revenue
As Kabam has happily announced, Fast & Furious 6: The Game is its fastest growing game of all time.

Within a month of its 16 May launch on iOS and Android, the free-to-play racer had racked up over 17 million installs.

Developed by the company's Exploding Barrel Games studio in Vancouver, the game only loosely uses the film licence; we can confirm it does contain at least one image of The Rock.

More interestingly, it builds on the success of previous drag racing games; notably Creative Mobile's Android hit Drag Racing, and NaturalMotion's CSR Racing.

Graphically, it's topnotch and gameplay-wise the addition of drift sections into the drag races, combined with a story mode (loosely based on the film), provides slightly more narrative depth than we're previously seen in these games.

Cash business

And these elements have certainly been reflected in the game's performance.

On iOS, Fast & Furious 6: The Game has ranked as a top 10 top grossing game in 99 countries on iPhone, and 86 on iPad.

On Google Play, it's been top 10 top grossing in 24 countries.

It was also listed by market intelligence outfit Distimo as ranking #2 in terms of global free iOS apps in May.

It's significant to delve into why the game has performed better on iPhone than iPad.

Fast & Furious 6: The Game's top grossing iPhone chart performance in the USA via apptrace

Fast & Furious 6: The Game's top grossing iPad chart performance in the USA via apptrace

Despite iPad's large screen size, the fixed camera angles used in drag racing games means Fast & Furious 6 is equally enjoyable on a physically smaller screen; something also encouraged by its short session times.

According to Distimo, during May, 68 percent of the estimated revenue was generated from iPhone, and 32 percent from iPad.


Geographically, the performance is similar across western markets such as the US, Germany and the UK. Of course, the US is the biggest single market.

Distimo estimated that during the first 25 days of June, Fast & Furious 6: The Game generated $1.84 million in the US; $1.38 million from the App Store and $455,000 from Google Play.

As you can see from the following graph, Google Play revenue is increasing as a percentage of the total, as iOS revenue drops.

On this basis, it will generate over $2 million in the US during July, although the release of an update including prize-laden tournaments will likely raise engagement over the final weekend.

Taking a global approach, however, this success hasn't been mirrored in the big Asian markets.

The game has performed best in Korea where it remains in the top 100 top grossing on iPhone, although the Chinese market might get a lift when the film is released in the country, expected in late July.

iPhone top grossing performance in South Korea

iPhone top grossing iPhone performance in Japan

iPhone top grossing performance in China


Distimo AppIQ provides download and revenue estimations for any app worldwide, based on daily sampling of transactional app data (>3 billion downloads / quarter) and publicly available information. When calculating downloads and revenues for individual apps, Distimo's unique methodology excludes that app's transactional data from the analysis to preserve the confidentiality of their users' data.

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