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How Keplerians saved time and bagged more money with Yodo1's managed ad service

Making more of Mr. Meat

How Keplerians saved time and bagged more money with Yodo1's managed ad service

Keplerians is a successful indie developer team from the Basque Country in Spain.

Characterized by success in the horror genre, their impressive array of titles has amassed more than 30 million downloads.

One of their big hits is the nerve-wracking Mr. Meat, a game in which players must rescue a girl from the clutches of a zombie butcher.

It was at Barcelona’s Gamelab that our team happened upon the Keplerians and the opportunity to work together first presented itself.

After discussing the performance of their Mr. Meat title, we were confident that our Managed Ad Services (MAS) could help them make more money—and free up time for what they do best.

Revenue x2.5: Mr. Meat before and after MAS

“When we launched Mr. Meat with MAS in July, we were blown away by how much more money we could make. Just 10 days in, we were looking at a 74% increase in daily revenue," Keplerians commented. 

"The integration was straightforward and the Yodo1 team were with us the entire time, staying up until 3am on their side of the world to ensure it was done just right."

After helping Keplerians nearly double their ad revenue, we continued spending time with the team.

We knew there was potential for an even greater uplift if we optimized their ad design, and had a few solid ideas to get us started.

“Yodo1’s Ad Ops team gave us some recommendations on how to better design our rewarded videos. In truth, we’d been thinking about some of these changes ourselves, prior to partnering with Yodo1.

In total, using MAS, we increased Mr Meat's daily revenue by 156%.

"Their recommendations gave us the confidence to jump in and make it happen. And we’re very happy we did! The results were astounding,” said Keplerians. 

“Af first, we were making about 95% of our revenue from interstitial ads and 5% from rewarded video.

"With the new ad design, we ended up with more of a 70/30 distribution. And because the game is pretty hard, players were more than happy to watch videos in exchange for valuable hints on how to complete it,” Keplerians added.

As expected, optimizing Mr. Meat’s ad design lead to an even greater monetary boost.

The uplift we were able to achieve with MAS amounted to 251% on iOS and 108% on Android.

In total, revenue increased by 156%.

Looking ahead

Keplerians hasn’t stopped at only one ad-optimized game.

Not long after integrating MAS into Mr. Meat, they decided to introduce it to two more titles: the wonderfully horrific Evil Nun and a recently released game by the name of Ice Scream.

“We needed someone we could trust to manage our ads, and in Yodo1 we found the partner we’d been looking for. Now we can focus more time on developing our games, all the while knowing we’ve got a professional team working to improve our ad revenue,” said Keplerians.

Partner for success

Keplerians will tell you that MAS helps you make more money and takes the guesswork out of optimizing your ad monetization.

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