Opinion: EA's 99c App Store assault looks premature

Don't make your move too soon

Opinion: EA's 99c App Store assault looks premature
Following EA's aggressive scheme to price 54 iPhones and 14 iPad games at 99c, the results in terms of App Store chart positions are clear to see.

Six of its games are in the UK iPhone top 10, and EA has 29 of the top 50.

And expected, due to the platform's higher average price, this trend is heightened on iPad. EA has all 10 of the UK top 10 games, and 15 of the iPad top 20.

Between the lines

Success then. Well maybe.

When it comes to the top grossing chart, the strength in depth of the wider App Store is demonstrated.

EA only has 3 of the UK top 10 top grossing iPhone games - with Angry Birds, Infinity Blade, N.O.V.A. 2 and Real Racing 2 in the top 5 - and 13 of the top grossing top 50.

Its position is also knocked back on iPad, although it has 7 of the UK top 10 top grossing games and 12 of the top 20.

Can't hold back the tide

What's more interesting to consider is how long EA can expect its 99c games to stay so high in the charts?

Even with a weekend ahead of it, if the company wants to increase the price of its games just before Apple locks down iTunes Connect and the chart positions on December 23 - as many expect - its games will have to remain solid in the top 20 for the next five days.

In this context, it should also be pointed out that none of EA's games has peaked in terms of chart position.

Yet the sheer quality and volume of recent releases from other companies - further reinforced today by World of Goo, which is already the US top grossing iPad game - suggests EA's cunning plan may have been triggered a couple of days too early.
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