IUGO's Thomson: iPad's good for games, will broaden market

Price point is incredibly aggressive and smart

IUGO's Thomson: iPad's good for games, will broaden market
Canadian mobile developer IUGO is in the process of bringing over a lot of the iPhone titles it released during 2009 to mobile platforms such as Android and BlackBerry.

And according to an excited business development manager Sarah Thomson, iPad is also on that list.

Pocket Gamer: How will iPad change the portable gaming market?

Sarah Thomson: I think it'll be much like the iPhone, it's going to continue to broaden the interest in gaming with previous "non-gamers". Since it is a multi-purpose device, you'll have all sorts of users on there; our market is about to get bigger again. It'll only be a good thing for gaming.

What game ideas does iPad inspire?

At IUGO, we're definitely excited about some of our existing games that would look killer on the iPad. Picture Implode! on the iPad. Or even Toy Bot Diaries. It's going to be awesome with higher resolution and a deeper experience with the multi-touch and tilt at that size. IUGO will be bringing titles over to iPad for sure.

What most impresses you about iPad?

I think the price point is the real shocker here. It's fantastic. This will open up the device to a whole lot of users. Again, this can only be good for gaming. I think I'll have to get my hands on it to get a better feel for its awesomeness.

Do you have any reservations about iPad?

It will be interesting to see if users feel there is a gap in between their iPhones, iTouches and laptops to fill with the iPad. I feel optimistic though.

What do you think about the price?

The price point is incredibly aggressive and smart. They will kill all other e-readers for sure. Did you see it next to the Kindle? The Kindle suddenly looked like a device from 1985. Sixty days feels so long to wait! We want one NOW!

Thanks to Sarah for her time.

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