Steve Jobs focusing on Apple Tablet

Large form touchscreen device shelved twice, now imminent

Steve Jobs focusing on Apple Tablet
Apple CEO Steve Jobs is known for his attention to detail, which is apparently why he shelved Apple's large form touchscreen device (tentatively being called the Apple Tablet, or, more obscurely, the iProd) twice - once for poor battery life and again for lacking memory.

But he's been rumoured to be championing the project once again, which the Wall Street Journal is confirming from 'people familiar with the situation'. Jobs is a strict task master by all accounts, and is breathing heavily down the necks of the tablet team to ensure the device is exactly right - though no details or specs have actually been released as yet.

If Jobs is indeed leading the project, this points to just how important the device is to Apple, suggesting it will likely slot into the iPhone/iPod touch family more than the Mac Book or computing range of products.

The tablet market has yet to really establish itself, and although it's looking unlikely that Apple will actually announce its device this September (as had been suggested), it's likely that if anyone can launch a new portable computing model, it's Steve Jobs.

Yes. Spanner's his real name. And, yes, he's heard that joke before.