GDC 2010: FreeAppADay has half of the App Store free top 10

Building the momentum of discovery

GDC 2010: FreeAppADay has half of the App Store free top 10
App discovery site FreeAppADay is continuing its run of success with the news that five of the top 10 games in the free US App Store have been promoted on the site.

Fingerzilla remains in the #1 position, followed by Tap Fish at #2, Sniper Strike at #5, Cool Wallpapers & Background at #6 and Original Gangstaz at #9.

"We're looking at the App Store from a David versus Goliath perspective," says Joe Bayen, CEO of ICS Mobile and creator of FreeAppADay.

"We believe that gathering a lot of Davids and guiding them towards the freemium business model is the optimal way to help the small developer community strive in a rapidly consolidating market."

FreeAppADay also recently announced ICS Financing, an initiative specifically for games using the freemium or in-app purchases model.

As part of this, from April, FreeAppADay will start employing stricter quality control in terms of the games it accepts into its program, although qualifying freemium games will be accepted without having to pay the default $1,200 fee.

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