T-Mobile USA drops developer program, replaced with aggregator selection

No differential advantage to be gained

T-Mobile USA drops developer program, replaced with aggregator selection
One of the smaller carriers in the US, T-Mobile USA has decided to focus its resources in areas other than selecting the best apps, according to an email sent out to developers and reported by moco News.

It's winding down the active selection of apps for its store, stopping its developers program. Instead it's directing companies to submit their apps to stores such as the Android Market and BlackBerry App World, plus other aggregators.

"With the mobile space being an ever changing, dynamic industry, our decision to close this program was not taken lightly, but we feel reflects our commitment to support the growing ecosystem of partner storefronts and non-traditional paths to market," the email stated.

Spread too thin

As the launch carrier for Android phones in the US, T-Mobile USA was quick off the mark with its developers program and online store, offering a store before the official Android Market was live.

However as bigger companies are gearing up to compete in the app space, it's significant that one of the smaller carriers doesn't see any commercial reason to try and differentiate itself in terms of app selection.

[source: moco News]
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