Antix's universal game platform for web, mobile, tablet and TV soft launches

Games that play everywhere

Antix's universal game platform for web, mobile, tablet and TV soft launches
Antix is one of those interesting mobile game technology companies that has been operating under the radar for a while. But with the soft launch of its Antix Game Store, it's now surfaced.

The concept behind the company is simple, even if the technology isn't.

Using Antix's tools, developers can create games that automatically work on many different devices, such as web browsers, mobile phones, set top boxes and TVs.

This first reveal has games working in web browsers and on HTC's Android-based Desire phone, and the Commtiva N700 tablet (also Android-powered).

Plug and play

Lots of companies are trying to do this sort of thing, but what's really interesting about the Antix concept is exactly the same game file can be installed across these different devices.

Of course, you first have to install the Antix Game Player software, but once this is done, all Antix games files will work. And, more significantly, you can do things such as beaming the files between phones, computers, TVs etc.

Even in these early stages - and with a fairly limited selection of games available - it's work checking out.

Most of the available games are playable within your browser, while the files can be directly downloaded onto your PC for sideloading onto other supported devices, or downloaded via QR code.

Check them out here.

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