With at least 600,000 sales, Infinity Blade is the fastest iOS game to clear $3 million

Epic books $2.5 million within three weeks

With at least 600,000 sales, Infinity Blade is the fastest iOS game to clear $3 million
With some back of the envelope calculations, it became obvious in mid December that Epic's Infinity Blade had gained the status of being the fastest game to do a million dollars worth of sales on the App Store.

Five days after its December 8 launch, at least 274,000 players had registered the $5.99 game on Apple's Game Center social network.

This meant at least $1.6 million had passed through iTunes, with Epic gaining $1.1 million for its 70 percent share.

Previously, the fastest game to one million downloads was Zeptolab/Chillingo's Cut the Rope, but at 99c, it took ten days to gross one million dollars.

Sharpest edge on the store

Epic's still to release any official sales figures for Infinity Blade, but after the Christmas sales boost, it's clear from the current Game Center total - 591,728 at time of writing - that it's now the fastest game to a $3 million gross.

At this level of downloads, its total sales would be $3.5 million giving Epic net income of $2.5 million.

Again, Cut the Rope did over three million paid downloads, but that took six weeks. Infinity Blade was released three weeks ago. 

And, of course, as Epic's veep Mark Rein previously pointed out, "the Game Center numbers being reported are quite a bit lower than the actual sales."

Hence, we wouldn't be surprised to discover the game is actually the fastest selling iOS game to hit $5 or 6 million in gross revenue.
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