Real Racing 2 to receive iPhone 4S and iOS 5 update with AirPlay and Party Play

Local wireless multiplayer for up to 4 people

Real Racing 2 to receive iPhone 4S and iOS 5 update with AirPlay and Party Play
Discussion still abounds on Pocket Gamer about Apple's exciting/dull Let's Talk iPhone event, which saw details emerge on the upcoming iPhone 4S and iOS 5.

EA-owned developer Firemint is excited though, already announcing a new update to its popular Real Racing 2 games ready for the new hardware and software upgrades.

It'll feature two new elements, AirPlay and the wireless multiplayer system Party Party.

Crash the party

Players will be able to wirelessly play Real Racing 2 on their HD TVs via AirPlay, using their iPads or iPhone 4Ses as controllers.

Party Play takes the concept one step further and will enable up to four players to simultaneously play in multiplayer matches using a local wireless connection.

Players' iPads or iPhone 4S' will act as the game hosts, while wireless connection to an HD TV will provide a split screen hub for gameplay.

Firemint also promises graphical enhancements based on the new A5 chip.

The Melbourne-based company's CEO Rob Murray sees the move as a provider of "essential resources" for Firemint, freeing them up to "focus on the creative stuff that really matters."

[source: Firemint]

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