Firemint's Rob Murray: Joining EA can only lead to us producing better games

Developer needs help 'in order to win'

Firemint's Rob Murray: Joining EA can only lead to us producing better games
As you might expect, EA's take on its move for Firemint pitches its purchase as a harmonious marriage, fusing Firemint's creativity with EA's scale.

It's no surprise that, at this especially early stage in their relationship, that's exactly how Firemint is billing its buyout, too.

Firemint CEO Rob Murray has released a statement that says, quite plainly, his company needed a partner like EA to reach the next level.

"We reckon that we make some pretty awesome games at Firemint and we reckon we know how to continue making them," said Murray of the deal.

"EA see us the same way and that's why they want us to join them. It is a good deal for us, because we need EA’s help in order to win."

Freedom for Firemint

Like EA's Barry Cottle, who told us, by and large, the publisher would continue to let Firemint operate as it sees fit, Murray sees the creative freedom on offer from EA as an important factor in the deal.

"They can free us up a lot to focus on the creative stuff that really matters and they can provide essential resources to help us build better games," he added.

"EA believe in us, they want us to make great games and they trust that we know how to do that. We will be joining ranks with some of the best developers in the business."

Indeed, Murray reminded critics that Firemint has worked with EA before, delivering mobile versions of key franchises such as Need for Speed and Madden long before Flight Control made its mark.

"We've developed a lot since then, and EA recognise that and they want us to keep doing what we do best," he concluded.

"It's going to be an exciting partnership."

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