Zedge launches games channel for its 16 million Android users

More for its ringtones and theme community

Zedge launches games channel for its 16 million Android users
Mobile content platform Zedge is announcing the launch of its mobile games channel set to reach an audience of 16 million monthly active Android users.

Building on its history in wallpapers, themes, ringtones and apps, Zedge's game channel will feature a personalised catalogue of free-to-play Google Play picks compiled by its own recommendation system.

"The Zedge community is a huge consumer of mobile games and respects our know-how in providing them with a personalised, relevant and high quality experience", said Zedge's CEO and co-founder Tom Arnoy.

"We are thrilled with our entry into the mobile gaming space."

Highly recommended

Described as a "self-learning system", Zedge's tech relies on cluster theory and multivariable analysis in tandem with its recommendation engine analysing a wealth of user data and GooglePlay trends to create recommendations unique to its users.

"Our superior targeting technology, a product of many years of internal development, draws accurate conclusions from feature maps and a wealth of actual user behaviours as opposed to generic demographic couplings," said Arnoy.

"Zedgers benefit by receiving content that is important to them on an individualized basis."

The channel provides access descriptions, screenshots, ratings, social networking features, and purchases without requiring users to exit the app to seek more information.

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