DeNA looks to widen its UA net with Zedge hook up

Connecting valuable users to interesting games

DeNA looks to widen its UA net with Zedge hook up

It used to be that user acquisition was about pumping large amounts of cash through generic mobile advertising channels.

The large amounts of cash remain, but the rise of the likes of Facebook, Kakao and LINE now demonstrate that the hottest UA channels are those that can offer a combination of reach, virality and the trust of their users.

That's the foundation of the deal between US entertainment app Zedge and DeNA.

Got your number

Particularly strong on Android in the US where it reckons it's on 20 percent of phones, Zedge distributes ringtones, wallpapers and games through its app, which has been downloaded almost 100 million times globally.

And it's this audience that DeNA wants to market its Mobage games to.

The sweetspot of the deal is that DeNA will be able to run advertising campaigns ROI cheaper than other UA channels, while Zedge's users will get access to high quality games that are relevant to their interests, at least in terms of how they've been consuming Zedge's content to-date.

Everyone's a winner

"Our collaboration in offering DeNA games in a highly relevant, tightly integrated and native fashion will benefit all involved," said Tom Arnoy, Zedge's CEO.

"Since our recommendation engine connects extremely valuable users to our game advertisers, we expect this partnership to serve as a foundation for other distribution opportunities in the marketplace."

"During our time working with Zedge we have identified its users as enthusiastic consumers with an inclination to discover great new content," added DeNA's head of strategic partnerships Barry Dorf.

"We've deepened our relationship with Zedge and opened our catalogue to their users because there's a valuable affinity between our services."

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