Developers brand Samsung handsets as 'ideal' for Android app testing

Ahead of the pack

Developers brand Samsung handsets as 'ideal' for Android app testing
A survey of more than 400 developers has concluded Samsung is the the top Android OEM when it comes to testing apps.

Conducted by Evans Data, the results are fairly conclusive, with almost half of all those questioned branding Samsung's devices as 'ideal' for testing.

Top of the pops

HTC was named by a respectable 30 percent of respondents, while Sony, Motorola and LG were considered ideal by less than 10 percent of respondents each.

That Samsung is preferred by developers is, perhaps, unsurprising – it's preferred by consumers, too, after all.

The Korean OEM overtook Nokia as the world's largest mobile handset manufacturer earlier this year, and its handsets are easily the most popular on Android.

Leap of logic

For Android developers, then, testing on Samsung devices is a matter of efficiency, since these handsets are what the majority of their customers own.

Evans Data's report urges caution, however.

"Developers must test their applications to work on numerous implementations of Android that vary by manufacturer, or even within a single manufacturer's collection of offerings. Android fragmentation is a reality that developers will have to face if they decide to work on Android."

[source: Fierce Developer]
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