Kabam reveals 2012 sales of $180 million, 80% from mobile games

Midcore publisher raising the bar

Kabam reveals 2012 sales of $180 million, 80% from mobile games
With Kingdoms of Camelot reigning at the top of the US top grossing chart in 2012, it was clear its publisher Kabam experienced a lucrative year.

Just quite how lucrative is surprising, however, if figures provided from the privately-owned company are correct.

According to CEO Kevin Cho, Kabam generated $180 million in sales across its web and mobile games in 2012, and now has annualised sales in excess of $200 million.

The company had previously suggested 2012 sales of $160 million.

Three and the magic number

Of the $180 million, around $100 million comes from its three iOS and Android PVP midcore strategy games Kingdoms of Camelot, Arcane Legends and The Hobbit.

The company reckons its average revenue per daily active user is eight to nine times bigger than its competitors.

What's also significant is that in 2011, 100 percent of Kabam's revenues of $100 million came from Facebook.

Now it's a majority-mobile outfit, although seven of its titles across web, mobile and Facebook generated more than $1 million in a month a some stage during 2012.

Of course, whether the company, which has raised at least $125 million in VC money, will attempt an IPO anytime soon, given Zynga's failure, remains to be seen.

However, with more than $45 million available in cash, Kabam is known to be looking for developers and IP to acquire.

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