Unity adds player retention to its arsenal with Playnomics partnership

Big data for Unity devs

Unity adds player retention to its arsenal with Playnomics partnership
Just a few weeks after closing a $5 million series B funding round, analytics outfit Playnomics has struck up a partnership to equip Unity devs with data-driven insights.

The partnership with Unity Technologies will see Playnomics listed as a preferred partner in the Unity Asset Store, and Unity developers granted access to the company's player retention management platform PlayRM.

It's another tool in a growing arsenal for Unity developers, and one that should enable them to create useful player segments that can be used to retarget lapsed players or activate engaged gamers with personalised messages.

A big deal

"We take preferred partnerships seriously, and by appointing Playnomics as a pre-approved analytics vendor, we're telling game developers – and the world – how much we believe in their platform," explained Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason.

"PlayRM and the PlayScience Engine are powerful tools that measurably increase player retention and, ultimately, revenue. That's good for all parties involved – players, developers, Unity and Playnomics."

Playnomics is understandably pleased with the deal too, and CEO Chethan Ramachandran believes his company's platform will help create the next big studio in mobile gaming.

"We know that any company can be the next Zynga, with the right tools, and working with one of the industry's leading platforms will help us make that vision a reality for more independent video game developers," he said.
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