Supercell-led Free Your Play event hits Helsinki on 19 June

Keynote by Peter Molyneux

Supercell-led Free Your Play event hits Helsinki on 19 June
IGDA Finland, Neogames, and Supercell have joined forces to launch a new free-to-play gaming summit in Helsinki called Free Your Play.

The one-day event will be held on June 19 and will feature a keynote by Peter Molyneux.

Following will be a panel discussion that’s hailed as "the ultimate free-to-play panel" - and with good reason.

King's Tommy Palm, GungHo's Daisuke Yamamoto, Wargaming's Tom Putzki, and Supercell's Lassi Leppinen will speak on the current trends in, and state of, the free-to-play gaming market.

Bring on the clowns

Following the hour-long panel is another keynote, and then the kick off for an evening festival of music, food, beverages, and - of course - mingling and networking.

As is fitting with a free-to-play summit, tickets for Free Your Play are provided free.

If you're interested in attending, all you need do is apply for tickets over at the website.

Additional information can be found on the event's main page.

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