Playnomics says its Churn Predictor will stop you losing 70% of your players in the first month

New addition to the PlayRM platform

Playnomics says its Churn Predictor will stop you losing 70% of your players in the first month
Playnomics has unveiled Churn Predictor, the latest feature in its PlayRM platform.

The Churn Predictor attempts to minimize expensive acquisition costs by helping developers accurately estimate the likelihood that a player will leave a game, as well as calculating the average number of days left in a player's lifecycle.

Using this information, it becomes easier to target players while they're still engaged and prevent them from leaving the game - thus reducing the overall churn.

Figures on the door

Playnomics notes that 70 percent of free-to-play players abandon a game within the first thirty days of playing.

But the good news it that those brought back within two days of their first session will log 334 percent more playtime.

The Churn Predictor's success in navigating these two data points is a proprietary algorithm which helps identify 'at risk' players. Using this data, developers can target them for reengagement with marketing initiatives and promotions.

The Churn Predictor is currently available for free as part of Playnomics’ PlayRM Platform for all web, social, and mobile game developers.

"Data and segmentation are changing the free-to-play gaming market, yet many developers aren't leveraging data to understand and engage their players most effectively," said Chethan Ramachandran, Playnomics' CEO.

"This is why we provide our analytics suite for free, our aim is to democratize the access to the information and focus on taking action."

Those interested in learning more about the PlayRM platform can do so by clicking here.

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