Up your engagement: Playnomics launches behavioural based push notifications

Target your players

Up your engagement: Playnomics launches behavioural based push notifications
San Francisco-based player behaviour specialist Playnomics has unveiled a new addition to its PlayRM platform – the Behavior Push system for targeted notifications.

This new addition is designed to help developers increase engagement by sending targeted notifications to specific player segments based on in-game behaviours.

For example, developers could target what's dubbed the 'at risk' segment of players – those who were once highly engaged but no longer play as often – with tailored offers and promotions in order to entice these users back into the game.

Bringin' it back

Behaviour Push also offers lifecycle A/B testing, enabling developers to monitor the performance of their push notification campaigns and to compare exactly which specific messages and promotions will be most appealing to different consumer segments.

"Protecting the player experience is largely made possible by ensuring players receive relevant and focused messaging that meets their needs, and not the broader audience," explained Playnomics CEO Chethan Ramachandran.

"PlayRM Behavioral Push solves this challenge by allowing developers to provide a very customised experience for players based on their actual user lifecycle in the game.

"Using this kind of targeted messaging, developers using PlayRM have seen a 3-5x increase in engagement and monetisation levels."
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