Execution Labs opens doors for its second intake of wannabe start-ups

Also adds internal track for game-focused outfits

Execution Labs opens doors for its second intake of wannabe start-ups

Canadian mobile incubator and accelerator Execution Labs has opened up applications for its second intake of start-ups.

This time, the organisation has added the option for teams (1-5 strong) who just want to launch games, rather than spin out a company at the end of the cycle.

"We're now adding an 'internal' track, which is designed for developers who want the creative freedom to make the games they want to make, but who don't necessarily want to run their own studios," explained Execution Labs co-founder Keith Katz.

"They're still independent teams, but they stick around after their games launch and continue servicing that game while working on their next project."

Remaining in the place to be

One company in the original intake has already decided to take this option.

"Remaining at Execution Labs as an internal team makes perfect sense for us," explained Pixel Crucible lead Remi Lavoie.

"We can continue working on MacGuffin Quest and begin production of our next game while getting support from the Labs. Having in-house analytics, marketing support, and a steady stream of amazing mentors is incredibly valuable."

These internal teams receive funding for their games, mentorship and support from Execution Labs, taking 30 percent of net revenue from their published games.

Execution Labs recently hooked up with BDC Venture Capital to enable its spin-out companies to take a $150,000 investment via convertible notes if they wanted.

Teams interested in applying should visit

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