Kabam announces 2013 revenues of $360 million

Year-on-year growth was 100 percent

Kabam announces 2013 revenues of $360 million

It's privately-owned so doesn't have to reveal its financials, but China/US free-to-play publisher Kabam has announced its 2013 sales were more than $360 million.

This figure is calculated under non-GAAP accounting rules.

The company closed a secondary offering in 2013 that raised $38.5 million for early investors and key staff, and it has a cash total of more than $70 million.

It's also expected to announce it will IPO at some point in 2014.

Across the board

With more than 750 staff, Kabam has successfully transitioned from being a web and Facebook-focused F2P publisher to a majority mobile gaming outfit, with around 70 percent of sales from mobile devices.

Across its portfolio of titles, it had 11 games that grossed more than $1 million in a month during 2013, and four of its games have generated more than $100 million during their lifetime.

As well as its internally-developed mobile titles such as Kingdoms of Camelot, Fast & Furious 6 (its fast-growing game ever) and Dark District, it's now ramping up its third-party publishing activity with Chinese hit Wartune soon to be released in the west on mobile.

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