Think Gaming promises to turn your game into a top grosser with its free Scouting Reports

Drawing on a data set of 5,000 mobile games

Think Gaming promises to turn your game into a top grosser with its free Scouting Reports

Think Gaming has announced the launch of its new Scouting Reports, a free service aimed at helping developers turn games into top grossing titles.

It manages this feat by scoring your game on four key metrics - retention, monsetisation, market size, and longevity - which it then contrasts with its data set of over 5,000 mobile games.

By benchmarking a game against its top-grossing peers, Think Gaming hopes to provide developers with access to metrics needed to improve weak areas of their games.

You can get an idea of how Think Gaming sees the ecosystem with its estimates about top grossing iOS games.

Investors are standing by

A big selling point of Think Gaming's services comes in its ability to appeal to potential investors, however.

Those interested in grubstaking mobile games can get access to pre-screened games that pass Think Gaming's muster. This service is an added draw to developers as well, since Think Gaming notes that games which score particularly well in their scouting reports can connect to interested publishers and investors.

On the other hand, Think Gaming's Scouting Reports will provide custom, targeted feedback to a developer if a game's scores are on the lower end of the scale.

Those interested in learning more about Think Gaming can sign up for its service or visit its website.

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