Flaregames get another drop, signing Fuzzycube's Epic Loot

Ensemble veterans on the dotted line

Date Type Companies involved Size
August 28th, 2014 partnership Flaregames
FuzzyCube Software
Not disclosed
Flaregames get another drop, signing Fuzzycube's Epic Loot

German developer-turned-publisher Flaregames continues to build up its portfolio.

Having recently raised $12 million and signed games from Subatomic and Superweapon, it's now snapped up Fuzzycube's upcoming Epic Loot.

The US start-up was founded by veterans from Apple, Origin and Ensemble Studios, while also performing work-for-hire on Temple Run 2.

Developed for iOS and Android, Epic Loot is a fantasy RPG including a PVP mode.

Pot of gold

"When we announced our publishing initiative we promised that we would only be working with the best of the best - and studio after studio we're making good on that promise," said Flaregames' CEO Klaas Kersting.

"We're excited with the first project and are looking forward to a long, prosperous relationship."

Orcs, valkyries and battle badgers

Jeff Ruediger, CEO of Fuzzycube, added, "We could not have found a better partner for Epic Loot.

"Flaregames understands game development as well as games publishing. We are convinced that together we will reach the highest levels of success for Epic Loot. Their know-how and input have already helped to make it a better title."

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