Using Flash for UA and mobile to monetise, Doodle God dev JoyBits hits 170 million downloads

Taking advantage of each platform

Using Flash for UA and mobile to monetise, Doodle God dev JoyBits hits 170 million downloads

Russian publisher JoyBits has announced that it's hit over 170 million downloads and installs across its portfolio.

Its Doodle God series has pulled in the lion's share, followed by Doodle Devil and Doodle Kingdom.

The US and UK led the downloads numbers, while Australia and China pulled their weight to drum up download interest in their series.

JoyBits CEO Paul Baldwin, however, believes that there’s one key reason that the studio has enjoyed success.
“From the beginning the studio has been focused on a multi-platform approach to building the Doodle series brand globally,” he told

Go mobile, support PC

“The leading mobile platforms are certainly our focus but we also feel there are advantages to supporting PC download i.e. Steam, Flash and console platforms as well. In the future these platforms will become a significant part of our revenue mix.

“We look at games like Minecraft and World of Tanks and feel we are on the right path.”

Despite this multi-platform approach, in 2013 the majority of JoyBits’ revenue came from mobile – 90 percent to be precise.

In 2013, 90% of JoyBits’ revenue came from mobile.

In 2014 it was mobile that helped push the company’s revenue by 40 percent from the year previously, and interestingly, Baldwin believes Flash is the gateway platform for mobile UA.

“We have over 80 million Flash plays and these are important because they serve two purposes:

  • 1) They build the Doodle series brand globally - these players will become mobile players.
  • 2) They are serve as an important on boarding vehicle for mobile downloads via links to the app stores.”

With 70 million downloads having been driven by mobile alone, JoyBits is now hoping to increase this number with the launch of its new game, Doodle Tanks.

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