Backed with $4.5 million, PC legend Jon Van Caneghem goes mobile

VC Mobile Entertainment moves out of stealth.

Date Type Companies involved Size
May 28th, 2015 investment Tencent
VC Mobile Entertainment
Backed with $4.5 million, PC legend Jon Van Caneghem goes mobile

With $4.5 million worth of Series A investment from Tencent and Pacific Sky under its belt, VC Mobile Entertainment has come out of stealth mode.

The new development and publishing outfit is the creation of PC veteran Jon Van Caneghem, who has abandoned the platform in favour of mobile.

The creator of Might and Magic and former founder of New World Computing will now helm VCME as CEO, alongside five other founding members who each possess over 20 years experience in companies like Activision, EA, NCSoft, and Trion Worlds.

Move to mobile

Based in LA, VCME will publish its first game later this year as a mobile-only company – and Van Caneghem wants to build open his PC background while shaking up the mobile market.

“We’ve seen some amazing mobile games come to market in the past few years, but we also see a lot of areas where the gameplay is ripe for new innovation,” he said.

“The assistance of our partners and the experience of our talented team will enable us to explore those new areas and build a new generation of mobile games for phones and tablets. Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming title.”

VCME is currently hiring with a number of vacancies including engineers, developers, artists, marketing, monetization and publishing on their website.

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