Nokia launches mobile game innovation prize

40,000 Euros prize available for the best idea

Nokia launches mobile game innovation prize
With N-Gage finally going live, Nokia's clearly going all out to get developers excited about mobile gaming, and one such encouragement is its Mobile Games Innovation Challenge.

The blurb on the website says:

"Nokia Publishing invites you to take part in the Mobile Games innovation Challenge for developers.

"We are looking for the best, most groundbreaking concepts from the brightest and most creative minds in our industry. This is your chance to shock the mobile gaming world and possibly have your game concept published by Nokia."
The rules are pretty simple.

All you have to do is submit a mobile gaming concept that uses the features and functionality of any Nokia N-Gage, Java or Symbian-based Series 40 or S60 device.

The three most innovative game concepts will be offered pre-production contracts from Nokia, with the winner awarded €40,000, together with a second place prize of €20,000 and a third prize of €10,000 which are designed to enable the winners to further develop their concepts.

The submission form is available online and provides for the uploading of documents, graphics and videos, but not demo code.

The deadline is August 20th with the winners being announced during the Nokia Game Summit on October 29th.
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