App Store trends for November 2016: Average of 792 games submitted every day

We take a look at the data from our App Store Metrics

App Store trends for November 2016: Average of 792 games submitted every day

Disclaimer: This is unofficial data from our own App Store Metrics that may not be 100% accurate, and the most recent data may not yet be fully taken into account. The below numbers are offered to provide an insight into App Store trends.

There were more than 2.9 million games and apps available for download on the App Store by the end of November 2016.

That’s according to our App Store Metrics, which scoops data from the iTunes App Store to count the number of active and inactive apps, as well as app prices and app categories.

Games on top

For the month of November, it showed there were 2,937,997 active apps on the App Store, of which 728,858 were games.

Games remains by far the most popular category of app, as the below table shows (As of December 5th):

  1. Games (732,154 active)
  2. Business (294,320 active)
  3. Education (252,693 active)
  4. Lifestyle (249,361 active)
  5. Entertainment (182,145 active)

These apps came from 640,272 active publishers around the world.

Currently, the total number of inactive apps no longer available to download stands at 214,573.

The number of app submissions during November was 81,328, of which games accounted for 23,770.

This means that an average of 2,623 apps were submitted to the App Store every day on average (792 games each day).

Free's dominance increases

Free increased its hold on the App Store with 2,331,960 apps (590,306 of which are games) being free. This accounts for 79.04% of all apps, and is up from the 78.07% we showed for October 2016.

The other most popular price points remain $0.99 (9.18%), $1.99 (4.05%) and $2.99 (2.84%). These percentages were all down month-on-month.

The $9.99 price point, which Nintendo will sell Super Mario Run for after its free-to-start period, accounted for 0.64% of all apps.

Interestingly, this is a higher percentage than apps sold at $5.99 to $8.99. Most price points after this accounted for below 0.10% of all apps, except for the $19.99 pricing, which accounted for 0.19%.

You can find more data on our App Store Metrics page.

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