Rovio, Futureplay, Grand Cru, Gamevil, PlayRaven, Tribeflame, ZeptoLab and more confirmed for PG Connects Helsinki 2017

First speakers announced for September 19-20 conference

Rovio, Futureplay, Grand Cru, Gamevil, PlayRaven, Tribeflame, ZeptoLab and more confirmed for PG Connects Helsinki 2017

We've not even finished with San Franciscobut we're not ones to sit still.

So onwards with PG Connects we go, and next in line this year is a fourth time in Finland (on September 19th-20th).

It's one of our favourite locations on the PGC calendar and our event there has developed year-on-year like a gorgeous, well nurtured lily-of-the-valley.

For 2017 we're aiming for something of a growth spurt. And central to feeding that approach is our speaker roster, the first names of which we're excited to unveil:

  • Walid El Cheikh, Aalto University
  • Mike Hines, Amazon
  • Jami Laes, Futureplay Games
  • Arja Martikainen, Games Jobs Finland
  • David Mohr, Gamevil
  • Celine Pasula, Grand Cru
  • Eric Seufert, Heracles
  • Bob Heubel, Immersion
  • Pieter van der Pijl, InFinCapital
  • Lauri Järvilehto, Lightneer
  • Jiri Kupiainen, Matchmade
  • Nick Parker, Parker Consulting
  • Lasse Seppanen, PlayRaven
  • Olesja Marjalaakso, Polka Dot Studio
  • Mika Kuusisto, Propagate Oy
  • Martine Spaans, Tamalaki
  • Ella Romanos, Rocket Lolly Games
  • Måns Wide, Rovio Entertainment
  • Jana Palm, Stugan
  • Torulf Jernström, Tribeflame
  • Oscar Clark, Unity Technologies
  • Semyon Voinov, ZeptoLab

That's a mighty mix, non? But it's far from done. In line with our 'bigger, better' ethos, we'll pack another 100 speakers into the two-day agenda to ensure we're crammed full of content: some 90 sessions to deliver more than 40 hours of essential insight to over 1,000 of the industry's finest.

Then we'll squeeze in our usual fringe event bonanza to really boost engagement and networking opportunities, such as the Global Connects Party, the VIP Reception, the SpeedMatch session, Big Indie Pitch competition, our dedicated meeting system – all upgraded for 2017, naturally – and even a couple of surprises to shake up the format a bit.

But that's later. At the moment we're focusing on getting more special guys and gals to join our speaker crew. If that's you, the PGC submission form awaits.

If listening is more your thing, you're in luck: heavily discounted Super Early Bird tickets are live.

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