Space Ape, Critical Force, Next Games, Wargaming, Seriously, Gameloft, EA, Traplight and more confirmed for PG Connects Helsinki 2017

Second announcement of speakers for final Connects conference of the year is a biggie

Space Ape, Critical Force, Next Games, Wargaming, Seriously, Gameloft, EA, Traplight and more confirmed for PG Connects Helsinki 2017

Heineken doesn't do conference speaker announcements, but if it did, they'd likely be a bit like this.

For our second round of confirmed speakers for Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2017 (September 19th to 20th) we've lined up a mighty range of voices to cover what is going to be our broadest conference agenda yet.

Check them out:

Miikka J. Lehtonen, Aalto University
Ari Pulkkinen, AriTunes
James Cramer, Armada Interactive
Filipp Karmanov, Black Snowflake Games
Ludovic Bodin, Cmune
Juri Juskevits, Critical Force
Anette Staloy, Dirtybit
Jure Sustersic, Electronic Arts
Dominic Gelineau, Gameloft
Christopher Cataldi, Genvid
Keith Stuart, Guardian
Kim Soares, Kukouri Mobile Entertainment
Pascal Clarysse, Marketing & Growth Strategy Consultant
Nicolaj Broby Petersen, Megacool
Petri Kero, Ministry of Games
Adam Telfer,
Diana Platonova, MyTona
Saara Bergström, Next Games
Henri Lindgren & Jussi Tähtinen, Nitro Games
Elina Arponen, Quicksave
Jukka Hilvonen, Seepia Games
Petri Jarvilehto, Seriously
Samuli Syvähuoko, Sisu Game Ventures
Simon Hade, Space Ape Games
Andy Brammall, Spirit AI
Hussam Hammo, Tamatem Inc.
Mariusz Szypura, Telehorse
Veera Rouvinen, Traplight
Antti Stén, Wargaming Finland

From established industry heavyweights and veterans of the scene through to 'newomers' with just as fresh and exciting insight to share, our schedule will focus on indie development, monetisation, eSports, influencers, game narrativecharacterisation, UX, audio, funding & investment, UA, social platforms, global market opportunities, HTML5, pitching & networking techniques, marketing, live ops, creativity, success management… and plenty more.

And that's before we get to the other 'new stuff' (you can get a preview below).

We're not saying this is Probably The Best Mobile Games Industry Event In The World (we're British, an active sense of self-modesty is mandatory) but, you know, fourth time around PGC Helsinki should be a pretty decent affair.

Anyway, sales pitch over. Well, almost: Early Bird tickets are still live, though note that rate will end soon.

What we can promise:

What we’re adding this year:

  • Bigger focus on the game creation/production process (specifically game narrative, sound design, character design, UX and live ops)
  • Dedicated agenda space for latest trends, including social media influencers and eSports
  • The arrival of fully formed VR/AR/MR sister-event XR Connects
  • The introduction of PC Connects, with a set of 'taster sessions' focused on the PC gaming market
  • And, yes, even a game music concert

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