Jagex R&D team working on new IP outside of RuneScape

But main focus still remains on its hit MMO

Jagex R&D team working on new IP outside of RuneScape

Jagex is working on new IP outside of the RuneScape universe, says the company’s Senior Product Director Neil McClarty.

Speaking to, McClarty said while the developer isn’t ready to talk about its new projects publicly just yet, it had an internal research and development team working on new IP.

He said this teams has been tasked with coming up with fresh ideas for games on both mobile and PC, as well as other platforms, and that Jagex wants to grow this team out.

Strengthening its foundations

The studio’s main focus however remains on its hit MMO RuneScape, which is now set to come to mobile with cross-platform play.

“We think that mobile is a huge opportunity for RuneScape, and taking it to new territories is a huge opportunity,” said McClarty.

“We want to make sure we continue to do those things, and alongside it build more new IP that can eventually come alongside RuneScape and have the same kind of success.”

RuneScape is said to attract two million monthly average users and hundreds of thousands of subscribers. And according to McClarty the game continues to grow its player base and revenues.

But Jagex has struggled to replicate that game’s success elsewhere. It canned its licensed free-to-play MMO Transformers Universe in 2014, and paused development on another sci-fi MMO Stellar Dawn in 2012.

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