Apple Europe forced to pay $184.8 million in extra taxes to the UK

HMRC is also going to increase Apple's income tax in future payments

Apple Europe forced to pay $184.8 million in extra taxes to the UK

Apple Europe has agreed to pay £137 million ($184.8 million) to UK tax office HMRC following an "extensive audit" on its previous filings.

As reported by The Guardian, HMRC issued a "corporate income tax adjustment" covering the years up to September 2015 to reflect Apple's increased activity. Its income tax will increase in future payments as well.

Apple Europe largely operates through two subsidiaries in the UK. Apple Retail UK operates the physical and digital stores in the country, and Apple Europe runs the sales support and marketing.

Always pays what it owes

"We know the important role that tax payments play in society. Apple pays all that we owe according to tax laws and local customs in the countries where we operate," said a statement from Apple.

"As a multinational business and the largest taxpayer in the world, Apple is regularly audited by tax authorities around the world. HMRC recently concluded a multiyear audit of our UK accounts and the settlement we reached with HMRC is reflected in our recently filed accounts."

Apple was slapped with a $14.5 billion bill in back-taxes owed to the government of Ireland back in August 2016. Despite Ireland making an agreement with Apple, the EU stepped in, calling the tax benefits "illegal".


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