Nested prefabs come to Unity preview at long last

Along with an entirely new prefab workflow

Nested prefabs come to Unity preview at long last

Nested prefabs are available right now in Unity preview, bringing an end to a long wait for developers.

Unity made a slew of announcements during its Unite Berlin keynote, including a significant partnership with Google Cloud.

But what everyone really wanted to know about was the prefab workflow, and specifically nested prefabs.

The announcement was made by former Unity CEO and co-founder David Helgason, who joked he had been secretly embarrassed about the subject for years. The whole reveal and demo was even capped off by the Unity team taking to the stage and confetti exploding into the crowd, ending the keynote.


The new prefab workflow enables developers to split up scenes and prefabs on granular level.

“The long-term goal has been not only to implement support for nesting, but to rethink the core prefab workflows so different team members can simultaneously edit prefabs confidently and efficiently,” read a statement from Unity.

With support for nested prefabs, developers are now able to split prefabs into multiple entities. This means prefabs can be attached together, whereas previously devs had to choose between creating large prefabs, such as buildings, or small ones, such as furniture.

You can read more about the new prefab workflow here.

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