Unity showcases machine learning powered animation with Kinematika

New pipeline hopes to make high-quality animation easier

Unity showcases machine learning powered animation with Kinematika

The Unity Labs AI group unveiled machine learning powered animation blending system at Unite Berlin yesterday.

According to a blog post on Unity’s website, Kinematika applies machine learning to data sources to generate smooth, natural motion. Animation clips imported into a project are all stored within a single library and maintained by the tool.

In real-time, Kinematika decides how to combine tiny fragments from the library into a sequence that matches the controller input, the environment content, and gameplay requests.

Slick Presentation

The benefits of Kinematika are threefold. The final result is polished, with a higher-quality outcome. With countless variations possible from the data set, the tool makes animation clips more versatile.

Finally, Kinematika saves time for developers, who will no longer need to manually map out animation graphs. The tool will launch as an experimental package for Unity later this year.

Kinematika wasn’t the only new feature announced for Unity this week. After years of waiting, nested prefabs will finally come to Unity preview. 

The engine developer is also keen on doubling down on mobile, saying: "Mobile has been a strong priority for Unity for years and we look forward to continuing to provide developers with the tools and resources they need to be successful."

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