Snowman team up with Noodlecake to bring Alto's Odyssey to Android

The next instalment in the Alto series will launch next month

Date Type Companies involved Size
June 20th, 2018 partnership Noodlecake Studios
Not disclosed
Snowman team up with Noodlecake to bring Alto's Odyssey to Android

Canada-based games developer Snowman has teamed up with games publisher Noodlecake to bring Alto’s Odyssey to Android.

Noodlecake also brought its predecessor Alto’s Adventure to Android back in 2016.

The serene endless runner is set to slide into the Google Play store next month.

Much like Alto’s Adventure, Alto’s Odyssey appears set to drop the premium model for Android and will be free-to-play with the addition of IAPs.

Gameplay wise, the tranquil snowboarding game retains the series blueprint of changing landscapes and soothing ballads. The locale is swapped up, however, as Alto finds himself in the desert rather than the mountains, and with new tricks to learn.

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Snowman bagged an Apple Design Award at WWDC 2018 for Alto’s Odyssey earlier this month.

The award recognises developers for their “ingenuity, smarts and savvy to build this year’s best apps for Apple platforms”.

In a recent interview, as a part of our Indie Spotlight series, developer Ryan Cash told us that Snowman (Team Alto) wanted something that “still very much felt like an Alto game”, but with elements enhanced when able.

“The biggest challenge for us, I think, was making sure that the game was just as accessible as the first one to someone who hasn’t played an Alto game before,” said Cash. “But is also being rewarding and satisfying to players who have beaten the first game.”

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