Pocket Gamer Connects London to feature an amazing 21 conference tracks

Covering everything from the basics to the future across mobile, PC and blockchain gaming

Pocket Gamer Connects London to feature an amazing 21 conference tracks

Europe’s biggest B2B mobile games industry event, Pocket Gamer Connects, returns once more to London on 21st to 22nd January 2019. And this time it’s bringing back-up with two sister events; PC Connects and Blockchain Gamer Connects. No matter which show you book for, your ticket will get you into all three expos.

The two-day event is packed with:

  • 2,500 delegates
  • Expo space
  • Big Indie Zone
  • Free online meeting scheduler
  • Speedmatch rapid fire networking sessions
  • Investor Matchmaking
  • Blockchain Roadshow Pitching Sessions.
  • Mentor cafe
  • Career Wall
  • Journalist Bar
  • Big Indie Pitches
  • Global Connects Party
  • Mobile Games Awards

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21 conference tracks

But today we’re here to talk about the amazing 21 conference tracks across all three shows, starting with Pocket Gamer Connects.

Pocket Gamer Connects London

PC Connects London

Blockchain Gamer Connects London

Overview schedule

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  • Pocket Gamer Connects London

    Pocket Gamer Connects London presents an amazing 12 conference tracks, covering everything from growth and monetisation to influencers and AI.

    1. Influencer Insight: Hear first-hand from top Twitchers, YouTubers and the marketing agencies that are changing the media world
    2. Live Ops Landscape: A track dedicated to explaining and improving your approach in Live Ops, the core of the mobile games world
    3. The Developer Toolkit: Practical and technical talks on the likes of game design, audio, character/UX design and narrative
    4. Esports Academy: Hear game makers, hardware vendors and esports teams give insight into the opportunities in competitive gaming
    5. Monetiser: Make the most of mobile advertising, IAPS and other monetisation opportunities in our new focused track
    6. The Growth Track: Essential insight into user acquisition and retention techniques and how to grow your game
    7. The Indie Track: How to survive and thrive as a smaller studio in today's mobile games development competitive landscape
    8. Trade Trends: Facts, figures and insight into the latest & hottest industry trends from Finland and beyond
    9. East Meets West: The latest news from the hottest markets in the East (China, Japan, Korea, South-East Asia, Middle East)
    10. Game Changers – Hypercasual & IM: Simple, one-click games are growing and messenger platforms offer even wider distribution – find out how to take advantage
    11. Game Changers – Cloud & Connected Experiences: Exploring many other new technologies that promise to make an impact on the industry
    12. Connects X: Specific format issues covered in new track exploring platforms including handheld consoles and XR

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  • PC Connects London

    PC Connects London adds a further 5 tracks including what it takes to make a game and how to bring it to market, as well as looking to the future of PC digital game development.

    1. State Of Play: Everything you need to know on how to successfully get your game to market
    2. Making Of: Frontline of game development tales from those who’ve been there and done it
    3. Digital Discovery: How to ensure you stand out in the modern marketplace
    4. PC Games University: From winning game mechanics to top UX design to proven studio culture
    5. PC 2030: Discussing the trends set to dominate the future of PC digital game development

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  • Blockchain Gamer Connects London

    Hot from its outings in San Francisco and Helsinki in 2018, Blockchain Gamer Connects London makes its UK debut in 2019 with 4 tracks from the blockchain basics to the hottest trends.

    1. The Blockchain Basics: Explaining cryptocurrency, how it works with games and how the current market looks
    2. ICO insights & Token Trends: How to create and manage a currency before, during and after an Initial Coin Offering
    3. GameMaker Sessions: Incorporating blockchain into games development and the exciting opportunities it presents for new ways to play
    4. Link to the Future: Identifying the top trends and exploring where the industry will go next

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  • Overview Schedule

    We’ll reveal the first speakers very soon, but for now you can view the overview schedule to get an idea of how the conference schedule is taking shape for Pocket Gamer Connects London 2019.

    Keep an eye on that page for the full schedule nearer the event dates of 21st to 22nd January.

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