NBCUniversal Media, NCsoft, and NetEase confirmed to speak at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle

First speakers announced for 2-day games industry conference, May 13th to 14th

NBCUniversal Media, NCsoft, and NetEase confirmed to speak at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle
We’re super excited to share the first speakers for Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle this May 13th and 14th.

With a total of 125 world-class speakers and 13 conference tracks, we think you’ll agree we’re off to a flying start with some of the biggest brands in the business signing up to take to the stage, including NBCUniversal Media, NCsoft, and NetEase.

Indies first!

The indie track is always a firm favorite at any of our shows and it already looks set to stun in Seattle. Led by mobile games industry veteran Oscar Clark we’ll look at everything from developing concepts and market research to securing investment and planning future projects.

Martin Jurášek, UX game designer at Pixel Federation, will share his onboarding UX design tips for mobile, drawing extensively on their experience of a global launch. This case study goes beyond tutorials to intuitive and engaging environments.

Left to right: Oscar Clark, Martin Jurášek, Jakub Kasztalski, Sabaa Rehmani

A crash course in navigating today's mobile marketplace.

Going deeper into the nuts and bolts of making indie games, Unbound Creations founder Jakub Kasztalski will explain how to mix third-party assets without your game looking cheap by developing a cohesive guiding vision and how assets can be recycled in clever ways.

For an indispensable overview of publishing, you won’t want to miss Denali Publishing co-founder Sabaa Rehmani’s crash course in navigating today's mobile marketplace. This seminar will look at tools and resources for any marketing plan, as well as cost-effective user acquisition and more to amplify your players’ engagement and growth in a strategic way.

Hasn’t everyone in the games industry been freelance at one time or another? If that’s you right now - or you’re weighing up your options - make a point of attending Taylor Ambrosio Wood’s seminar on 10 must-know business tips for games industry freelancers, covering winning big-ticket clients, creating a professional portfolio and effective invoices that will get paid and more. founder Emily Rose will look at ways for micro-indies to grow their social reach, as well as develop meaningful networking both online and in the real world.

Left to right: Taylor Ambrosio Wood, Emily Rose, Patrick McGrath, James Mayo

How can you keep your game alive - and keep players loyal - in the weeks, months and years after launch?

Live ops, blockchain and hyper-casual

How can you keep your game alive - and keep players loyal - in the weeks, months and years after launch? Patrick McGrath, product lead at Wooga, will set context to taking a game from idea to out in the wild, with a focus on planning and live ops using an essential product lifecycle framework.

What does it take to build a triple-A blockchain game and position it to target mainstream audiences? 8 Circuit Studios CEO James Mayo talks rapid iteration and how you can speed up the process of finding out what makes your game fun - and marketable - with a case study drawing on the experience of developing Project Genesis.

Hyper-casual games are a real success story in mobile gaming this year and Double Coconut CEO David Fox shows how to bring a polished nugget of gameplay to market via a well-established but very-hard-to-enter distribution model.

Left to right: David Fox, Chris Heatherly, Christopher Bergstresser, Marion Feldhofer

The latest industry trends from around the world.

The latest trends and international opportunities

Catch up on the latest industry trends from around the world in the fine company of Chris Heatherly, EVP, Games and Digital Platforms at NBCUniversal Media; Christopher Bergstresser, investment executive at MTGx; and Marion Feldhofer, head of marketing at Polystream.

You’ll also be able to explore the hottest markets in the East (China, Japan, Korea, South-East Asia, Middle East) with Ken Li, vice president at NetEase; and Josh Burns, founder at DigitalDevConnect.

Left to right: Ken Li, Josh Burns, Daniel McLaren, África Periáñez

13 seminar tracks will feature 125 world-class experts.

More speakers - and PC too

We’re thrilled to announce that NCsoft/ArenaNet’s senior game designer, Daniel McLaren, will be speaking in Seattle, as well as África Periáñez, CEO at Yokozuna Data, a Keywords Studio.

The speaker roster will also feature representatives from GameAnalytics, Joypac, Minimob, Mintegral, Playfab, and Vungle.

With our partner event PC Connects landing stateside for the first time, a total of 13 seminar tracks will feature 125 world-class experts across both events over the two days of the show, covering all the hot topics from monetisation to the latest trends such as esports, influencers and why 2019 is the year PC gaming changes forever…

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Seminars, pitches, expo, investors and more

Come join in the fun for the extensive conference schedule with 1,000 delegates from 500 companies, as well as Indie Pitches, a vibrant expo space, the Investor Connector and other fringe activities such as the notorious Global Connects party for after-hours networking.

Book now, save money

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Want to be in front of the audience instead of part of it?

If you’re a class leader in your field, then we’d love for you to speak to our delegates. Not everyone gets to take to the stage at our events, but why not talk to us today to find out if you could address the highly targeted games industry audience that will be at Pocket Gamer Connects Seattle? Fill out this form today to find out more.

We’re also looking for speakers for later this year around the world, including Hong Kong in July, Helsinki in September and MENA in November. If you’d like to speak at any of our international events, get in touch now.

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