Niantic unveils major Pokemon GO update with new Buddy Adventure mode

Battle, feed, and play to level up friendship and unlock bonus perks

Niantic unveils major Pokemon GO update with new Buddy Adventure mode

Niantic has revealed a new feature for Pokemon GO called Buddy Adventure, which is set to hit the game in 2020.

As revealed on the official website, the Buddy Adventure feature will allow players to level up their friendship with their chosen Buddy Pokemon through battles, playing with their Pokemon, and feeding them berries

Buddies will now follow players around on the map, and each Pokemon has different quirks that they'll exhibit while wandering around.The more time players spend with their Buddy, the higher their friendship level goes, rising all the way from "Good Buddy" to "Best Buddy", with bonus perks unlocked at each level.

You're my best friend

Niantic is also updating the Buddy Pokemon system so that swapping your chosen Buddy for a different Pokemon won't reset progress towards earning Candy. There are also plans for a future update where up to three players can bring their Buddies together for a group photo in a new Shared AR Experience mode.

Pokemon GO cleared $3 billion in lifetime revenue back in October 2019. Niantic's most recent location-based title, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, isn't faring well in comparison - the game has only generated $22 million in its first five months of release.

Niantic's Head of Studio Alex Fleetwood will be speaking about the future potential of AR at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2020 on January 20th-21st. Get your tickets now!

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