Learn all about NFTs and Blockchain at PG Connects London 2022

Get ready to be in the know about NFTs and Blockchain with leadig experts at our upcoming conference, February 14-15

Learn all about NFTs and Blockchain at PG Connects London 2022

Everyone is talking about all things cryptocurrency recently, and terms like “Blockchain” and “NFTs” seem like buzzwords that are suddenly part of everyday language when we look towards the future of gaming. As we move forward towards a future in which building and exploring the Metaverse becomes the norm, we are looking to learn more about what this promising new frontier can mean for us as game makers.

Our upcoming in-person conference in February 2022 will cover all things Blockchain, NFTs, Metaverse and much more. We will be in London on February 14th to 15th and will bring together top-tier games industry professionals to discuss what these buzz terms are all about, how you can take advantage of this technology and the benefits it can bring you and your business. This is our most ambitious conference yet, bridging the gap between our online and in-person events through a hybrid model that will welcome thousands of in-person and virtual attendees. This will integrate the best aspects of our online conferences, the networking and ease of accessibility worldwide, as well as bring back the experience only meeting others in the flesh can provide for those who can make it to London. If you’d like to book your tickets ahead of time and save big with our Mid Term discounts, you can secure your tickets today.

Read on to find out more about what the Building On Blockchain and New NFT Economies tracks will be all about.

What are these topic tracks all about?

The Building on Blockchain track takes a closer look at how developers can integrate blockchain technology into their projects. This topic track will be all about leveraging the current tools available in the cryptocurrency space in order to build exciting games on the blockchain platform that can bring in real-life funds for players. We will hear from those that are already excelling in the blockchain games space and learn from their experiences what it takes to create successful games in this space.

Track Highlights:

Building blockchain games and NFT businesses for the masses, not only the crypto-natives.
Yan Ketelers, Venly

Panel: The Evolution of Game Economies, what is the next stage in the progression?
Susan Cummings, Tiny Rebel (Mod)
Jari Pauna, Supremacy Games
Anton Backman, Play Ventures

Gain an understanding of the compelling new gameplay and commercial opportunities enabled by the blockchain and, specifically, NFTs.
Tony Pearce, Reality Gaming Group

With The New NFT Economies, we’re talking to experts in the field about what NFTs are, how you can incorporate them into your game monetization strategy and the benefits it can bring you. NFTs stands for non-fungible token and anything considered digital art such as drawings, GIFs, avatars, songs or other items can be considered an NFT. The significant and highly financially liable aspect of NFTs is the fact that you can buy and later resell ownership of these unique digital assets, with the ownership being stored on blockchain. If it sounds confusing, don’t stress -- we have the best of the best sharing their experiences creating games with NFTs and how you can do so as well at PG Connects.

Track Highlight:

Upland, the Metaverse & NFTs: engaging consumers and brands in the Metaverse economy
Hagan Dietz-Rosales,

Panel: Overcoming negative hype, how do we make NFTs commonplace to ordinary gamers?
Tadhg Kelly, Mobile Game Doctor (Mod)
Sean Kauppinen, Hiber AB
Nick Sadler, Goldfinch
Kim Soares, Social First Games
Tsahi Liberman, Lightneer

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