EA forms new partnerships to prepare UK children for computing careers

Preparing for careers in STEAM

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March 23rd, 2022 partnership Electronic Arts Not disclosed
EA forms new partnerships to prepare UK children for computing careers

EA has revealed two new partnerships today that will aim to bridge the gap between education and the games industry.

The not-for-profit organisation, Digital Schoolhouse (DSH), and education technology company Everfi are the companies partnering with EA for the purpose of improving engagement with computer science in 150 primary and secondary schools in the UK.

EA will also bring its cloud-based EA Play to Learn to the UK, wanting to support more young people in developing skills that can later be used for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) careers.

Primary school students will investigate the ways in which AI learn to play dodgeball in Knockout City, developed by Velan Studios as part of the EA Originals programme, and will create their own algorithms to test in-game. The course will be freely accessible to Everfi’s UK network of educators.

EA’s UK investment

In the company’s recently released financial report for the three months ending December 31 2021, EA reported that its revenues reached almost $1.79 billion, of which mobile games accounted for $277 million, up 78 per cent.

Partnerships already established by EA in the UK include those with BAFTA and Special Effect, in addition to mental health charities such as Calm.

Everfi annually reaches more than 16,000 students in America and Canada with EA’s partnership and will now be expanding this to the UK. The original partnership began in 2015.

"We believe young people of all backgrounds should be given the opportunity to develop the skills they need for a future in STEAM and are proud to play our part in making that a reality," said EA CEO Chris Bruzzo.

Everfi president Nick Fuller. added: "It is not enough for students to simply have STEAM skills, students also need to apply creative thinking to spark the innovation needed to solve the challenges of the 21st century. Together, through Play to Learn, we are reimagining how young people prepare for and pursue STEAM careers."

EA’s $11 million fine over loot boxes was recently overturned following the initial ruling that FIFA Ultimate Team packs had broken Dutch gambling laws.

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